It was a weekend, as always, she woke up by noon. This had been a routine for her weekend for a while now. Weekdays she would be enthusiastic, career oriented girl and weekends she would be the laziest person you would come across. Other than her work, there was one another thing she enjoyed doing – “Shopping” (Yes, what girl doesn’t love shopping). One of the addiction she had was buying clothes without a reason. But lately she seemed to buy more than usual – Thanx to those online sites.

Today she decided to clean her wardrobe to make place for her new arrivals. Also, she would donate her clothes that she no longer needed to the people who needed them. Words couldn’t describe her wardrobe. Clothes splattered everywhere (Just like her life, her wardrobe was a mess). Taking a long breath, she decided to clean her wardrobe and stack up the clothes in order.

As she started cleaning, she was pulled into web of clothes but, one thing she realized was that she had outgrown few of her favorite dresses (Yes, result of locking herself within the room with the grease food for all those weekends was finally showing up). She started picking each of the dresses which no longer fit her and started piling them. When she gazed at the pile, she was torn. Not because they were her favorites and she had to give them away, not because she had put on few calories but, because each dress had memory of its own. Yes, memory of HIM.

Each dress took her back to him, his thoughts which she constantly fought not to remember. If you question me, why only clothes remind her of him? Well, what can I say! That’s how she was, he was the only person to whom she would make an extra effort to look presentable (Though she was a nice looking girl). There was all sort of memories which were webbed to the pile of dresses that were lying beside her. The pink dress that she wore when he first saw her, the green blouse which she wore when they went out on their first date, the red knee length dress which he admired on her, the dresses which he bought for her with adoration. They were not just pile of ill-fitting clothes but they were tiny pieces of every special moment she had with him.

They both were shopaholics, fashionistas, they loved spoiling each other, she loved choosing his shirts, T-shirts, blazers. Every time he would walk out of trial room, she was pulled more towards him. Yes, he was handsome, but there was more than mere attraction to their relationship. He was her anchor who pulled her towards life, he was her motivation who helped her to explore herself, he was the only person to whom she spilled all the darkest secrets of her life, her best friend. She was not what you would call, an ideal girl to fall in love with, she was not perfect, she was tainted, yet there he was loving her with all the flaws.

He was a stranger to her, she never thought a stranger would gradually mean her a life. She fell in love slowly and deeply. She dreamt of FOREVER with him (she still dreams and hopes it to be real) but fate had different plans for both. Not all love story ends in togetherness but it doesn’t mean it wasn’t meant to be. She had forgotten who she was before she met him, she had no idea how to live without him anymore. She had suffered and struggled to keep herself alive through this though time. Everybody would suggest her to move on, get on with the life but they would never understand.

It had been two years since, she managed to eat healthy, sleep as much as necessary, focus on career, laugh with friends, breath to be alive. She assumed she had it all under control, she was over him. What she didn’t expect was that she never learned to live without him, she had just managed to live with his memories, every minute of the day, every moment he was there in the corner of her mind which she never admitted to herself. Now staring at the pile beside her brought back all the emotions that she strongly suppressed for years just to be alive and livenormally in the eyes of society. But that pile was the mirror to what she badly desired, what she silently prayed for every night, what she hoped for every moment – Destiny to give her a second chance with him.

Not all love stories end in togetherness, just because you are separated and not talking to each other doesn’t mean there is no love. LOVE is to feel him in his physical absence, LOVE is to hope for to be together again, LOVE is to live without HIM until faith brings them together again. Taking deep breath, she stood up collecting all the clothes to be given away, for she knew she was bonded to him not just with the thread of the fabrics that she held but with the heart which she gave away long time back….