Some cool facts about GPS

Some cool facts about GPS

Here are some of the cool facts about Global Positioning System which is popularly known as GPS. This  navigational method known as Global Positioning System was developed in 1970s.

At the initial stages it was owned, operated and controlled by the United States military and was not available for public use. But later in the year 1983 it was made available for public use.

Basically the GPS has a map which is installed in order to track the location on the map. It can tell about your location on the map, your speed, altitude and compass information. The best part about this system is that it not only helps in pointing a location but always provides directions.

It has slowly become a part of our daily life. As it makes it really convenient for us not only to calculate the time required to reach the specific place but also in providing the direction to reach the specified destination.

Till few years back, having a GPS device in the car was considered as a luxury but today this system is available at much reasonable prices and easily affordable. In fact it is only a matter of time before GPS becomes a standard feature in all the upcoming cars.