Social Media Networking -Essential Strategy

Social Media Networking -Essential Strategy

The corporate social network sites enable sales and marketing professionals to engage in a friendlier and interactive dialog with potential customers, two-way communication that is impossible when companies rely exclusively on usual websites and advertisements (Bloxx Inc. 2009).

The organizations have found that corporate social network accounts, blogs, and so on can be valuable as marketing tools, providing more experience and even raising the web page rankings for of their corporate website.

For example Dell’s recent Internal Marketing strategy is to use one of social networking website which is Twitter. Their outlet site sells refurbished PCs, and they post detailed information about the new product and services to their Twitter feed.

Dell also sends special offers just for Twitter users with information about sales, discount vouchers to their Twitter followers. By doing that, Dell has generated about $6.5 million in their profit for this business enterprise. Therefore, it has already proved the power of broadcasting on social networking.

While social networking does offer many benefits, there are business costs and risk which needs to be considered. Organizations need to establish policies to address issues such as personal usage, business relevance, site restrictions and information confidentiality. Overall the organizations need to take time to thoroughly investigate and address these issues to maximize the effectiveness of social networking.