Social Media at the Workplace

Social Networking

Social Networking

Today more and more employers are promoting social media in their organization in order to improve their business performance and to increase their profit. It is because of the fact these days social networking is playing an important role in the business activity around the world. It has also helped many companies to improve much faster.

For instance, Facebook is the most popular social networking website had gained over 100 million subscribers in the United States in just one year i.e. in between the years 2009 to 2010. In fact it is known to have gained about 145% growth within a year (McCorvey, 2010).

Hence more and more organizations are trying to use the social networking to improve their business process activities as stated in Swartz, 2008.Social networking has undoubtedly become a very useful tool to attract customers, to create a relationship with business partners and to share their knowledge (Sarrel, 2010).

Common social networking strategies like assessing business needs, the goal of the social networking site and also the target viewers is the consideration of the social networks in the workplace, according to McCorvey.