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Useful career tips for beginners

Career tips for beginners

Useful career tips for beginners Here are some useful career tips which can be helpful for beginners: First and foremost is the resume. Your resume should consist of all your unique selling points. Your resume should be well organised with personal profile, educational…


Craze of WhatsApp

Craze of WhatsApp

  Today WhatsApp has undoubtedly become the most popular messaging mobile applications that we can’t live without 🙂 WhatsApp is one of the largest used messaging applications. The fact that it has been released for different operating systems is also a contributing factor…


The Incredible Rise Of WhatsApp

Surprisingly it has around 20 million users (6.7%) in India alone. The fact that WhatsApp is add free application that doesn’t take much time to load in comparison to various other messaging applications is one of main reasons behind its instant success. In…


The impact of social media on young generation

The impact of social media on young generation Social networking platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp, Orkut, Instagram, Myspace, Google + etc. has become an inextricable part of our modern life. It not only facilitates us with interactive platform to but has also…


The rise of selfie culture

Selfie Culture

The rise of selfie culture In simple terms  ‘selfie’ is a self portrait photo which is taken with a camera phone or hand-held digital camera. It is a common trend to share the selfies on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Myspace, Google + or any…


Selfie Addiction Brings Negative Impact


Selfie Addiction Brings Negative Impact – Many of you out there would agree that this latest so called ‘selfie trend’ all around indeed has some social side effects as privacy is no longer treasured and preserved. This new trend sees people going more…


Stock Through To Discount Nfl Jerseys Before Next Season

Exercise selfcontrol underwear, high girded pants possibly the corset, helps to make the person of thin an inch or a whole lot more. The starting front of Brandon Graham Mike Patterson Brodrick Bunkley and Trent Cole will provide you with the Eagles by…


Soccer Jerseys – Towards The Team Or Supporting Your Favorite Side

However the team’s three-game sweep over the Giants gives Pittsburgh MLB’s longest active winning streak five games as of Monday breakfast. Baseball picks are not the same from other sports picks for one big reason: Pointless spreads are to choose from. Is there…


Tips for oily skin


Oily skin is a very common problem among women. Some of the most common causes for oily skin are unhealthy eating habits, pollution, lack of sleep, inadequate consumption of water etc. Here are some simple yet effective home remedies which can help you…


Mixed Vegetable Rice


Ingredients needed Basmati Rice – 1 cup Onion -1 cup finely chopped Baby corn – 5-6 Capsicum – 2 medium sized (red/ yellow / green) Garlic -4 cloves Black Pepper powder – 3/4 tsp Chilly Powder – 1/4 tsp Coriander powder – 3/4…


Common causes for weight gain in women


There are many reasons why women put on weight but the causes of weight gain in women is somewhat different from weight gain in men. Here are some of the most common causes of weight gain in women: Majority of women gain lot…


Herbal remedies to prevent hair loss


Here are some simple yet effective herbal remedies to prevent hair loss: Application of warm almond oil on the scalp is considered to be an effective herbal remedy to prevent hair loss. You need to massage your scalp gently with warm almond oil…


What are the common causes of hair fall and how to prevent it?


Some of the common causes of hair fall are aging, excess stress, excessive exposure to sunlight, heredity, illness, medication, hormonal changes and lack of proper nutrition. Prevention is always better than cure. In order to prevent hair loss you need to take food…